Life Skills Club

The Life Skills Club is instrumental in creating a positive and supportive environment for young individuals to develop essential life skills. By focusing on self-awareness, social and emotional intelligence, and affirmative action, the club fostered personal growth and equipped students with the tools needed to navigate the challenges of life effectively. The badge-making activities and in-depth discussions on life skills components further enriched the learning experience, making the club a valuable asset in the holistic development of the participating students.

English Literary Club

The English Literary Club is dedicated to elevating the language proficiency, grammar, vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening skills of students in an engaging and enjoyable manner. Through a variety of dynamic activities such as Pictionary, Adjective Salad Bowl, and Vowel Teams, the club strives to make the learning process both educational and entertaining.

Hindi Club

Hindi club offers students language proficiency, cultural awareness, and creative expression. It enhances their communication and cognitive skills while fostering social interaction. Moreover, it provides a strong foundation for language appreciation. The Logo Making Activity and Poster Making Activity conducted by the Hindi Club on Handloom Day and Dussehra were highly successful and engaging. Students showcased their creativity and cultural insights through vibrant designs that celebrated the rich heritage of handloom weaving and the festive spirit of Dussehra. The Logo Making Activity focused on incorporating traditional elements, while the Poster Making Activity captured the essence of the festivals with captivating visuals and thoughtful messages.

Wellness Club

The Wellness Club provides sustainable healthcare solutions by conducting numerous activities to help students prioritize their health and well-being.The club provides nutritional guidance and a wonderful support structure to help the students to achieve their health goals, and feel great about themselves.

Dance Club

Dance Club enhances student’s physical fitness, creative expression, and teamwork. It enhances coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence. Additionally, it promotes cultural awareness and a sense of rhythm, contributing to a well-rounded education.

Yoga Club

The Yoga Club is a dedicated space for students to embark on a journey towards mental clarity, calmness, increased body awareness, stress relief, and overall relaxation. The club endeavors to instill the principles of yoga, promoting both physical and mental well-being among its participants. Stretching exercises were incorporated into the sessions to promote flexibility and prevent muscle stiffness. Various yoga poses were introduced, including Uttanasana (Forward Fold), Tree Pose, Chair Pose, Warrior Pose, and Aloom-Viloom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, providing a holistic approach to physical fitness of the students.

Road Safety Club

The mission of the Road Safety Awareness Club is to cultivate a culture of road safety awareness among students. With a focus on imparting knowledge about lane disciplines, signals, speed limits, tracks, and other essential guidelines, the club engages students in various activities like logo making, road safety poster making, pedestrian safety rules handout, road signs craft making to instill a sense of responsibility and caution when navigating roads.

Math Club

Maths Club aimed at turning math into a realm of exploration, curiosity, and enjoyment. By infusing the subject with creativity and playfulness, the club tries to empower students to embrace mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm. The fun-based activities aim to nurture a generation that not only understands the beauty of numbers but also appreciates the art and science behind the world of mathematics.

Eco Club

Eco club empower students to participate in and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. Through these activities, students are nurtured and become aware of the importance of the environment.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Club identifies and brings out the creativity in the students. It enhances their creative skills and motivates them to showcase their hidden talent. It allows students to come up with new ideas and imaginative skills.

Music Club

Music Club is essential for nurturing creativity, teamwork, and self-expression in children. It fosters a lifelong appreciation for the arts and enhances their overall development. It fosters creativity, enhances cognitive skills, and instils a love for the arts from a young age. Music promotes teamwork, as children learn to play instruments or sing together. It also serves as a channel for self-expression and emotional outlet

Drama Club

Learning drama at an early age can lead to an unlimited number of positive benefits for children. It builds confidence, and creativity, improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills, concentration, and encourages teamwork etc. In view of this, an array of activities like Dumb Act, Come and Explore the Stage, Collage on Theatre Artists etc. were conducted which nourished students’ imagination.

Drama Club allows students to express a range of emotions and encourage them to understand and deal with similar feelings they may be experiencing.

Science Club

"Science generates solutions for everyday life and helps us to answer the great mysteries of the universe."

Science club provides an opportunity to the students to develop observational and scientific thinking skills. It nurtures the young minds to develop confidence in their ideas and abilities and exudes a practical way to learn how science is involved all around them. Young scientists in science club participates in number of activities like discussions, observation and experimentation, model making to develop scientific skills.

Home Science Club

“Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success”

Within the framework of the Home Science Club, the activities entailed instructing students in the art of mending clothes, specifically teaching them how to sew and repair torn garments. This practical skill is not only a valuable life skill but also encourages sustainability and resourcefulness.

Subsequently, such engaging activities were organized, focusing on the preparation of food without the use of fire, thus moving beyond traditional cooking methods. During this session, students eagerly participated in making two delectable dishes: Chana Chaat and a refreshing fruit salad. This hands-on experience not only imparted culinary skills but also promoted healthy eating habits among the students.

These club activities were met with tremendous enthusiasm, showcasing the students' eagerness to learn and participate in practical, life-enhancing skills.